Industrial Batteries

Amaron Quanta™ is not just another UPS battery; it is a UPS battery with a back-up for back-up. What does this mean? Well, our UPS battery is further backed by the world-renowned technology that others cannot provide you with. Put simply, Amaron Quanta™ is the product of fail-safe, fool-proof battery technology, produced and tested in our premier manufacturing facility and provides several firsts for a battery of its kind.

The advantages of Amaron Quanta™ at a glance:

  • Unique heavy-duty, corrosion-resistant alloy for positive grids, to increase cyclic life in a tropical environment
  • Lower internal resistance for superior high-discharge performance
  • Instacharge, a patented paste recipe for excellent charge acceptance
  • Aesthetically designed with a rugged Flappon terminal protector that prevents shorts
  • Compact, lightweight, factory-charged, explosion-resistant and environment friendly
  • Clean and sleek looks

Apart from the technology itself, helping us meet our stringent quality norms is our QS 9000 accredited manufacturing plant. All of which makes Amaron Quanta™ the unrivalled choice for the smart UPS equipment buyer – you

Company owned Service network

An expanding sales and service network spread across the country backs the Amaron Quanta range of batteries. The network consists of a qualified team of engineers who provide pre and post-sales service and support.

Uninterrupted Life

A clutch of design features ensures that Amron Quanta batteries perform predictably and reliably every time.

  • A unique heavy duty corrosion resistance alloy for positive grids, to increase cycle life in tropical environments
  • Red Grid™ profile provides lower internal resistance and superior high discharge performance
  • Instacharge™ a patented paste recipe for excellent change acceptances
  • Low self discharge rates for extended storage periods
  • Conforms to international standards JIS 8702C
  • Clean and sleek looks

Amara Raja’s Power Stack, is a high performance battery designed to meet the demands of a wide range of industrial applications. The Power Stack range is modular in structure and is capable of accommodating a wide spectrum of capacities depending on the application. Major application areas include Telecommunications, Power Utilities, Railways, Defence and other heavy Industries.

The advantages of Power Stack at a glance

  • Design float life of 20 years
  • Proven performance in harsh tropical conditions
  • Deep discharge capabilities
  • Unbeatable track record in applications across heavy industries
  • QS 9000 – accredited across all functional areas and businesses ranging from manufacturing to services
  • World class ISO 14001 accredited facility

Power Stack comes to you with all the backing, advantages and technological advancement of Amara Raja to provide all the power requirements that heavy industries crave.

Euro Power Tech offers best quality of batteries manufactured by Amara Raja. Following is the technical speciation of the batteries manufactured by the company.

The electrode reactions in all lead-acid batteries are nearly identical. As the battery discharges, the lead dioxide (positive active material) and the spongy lead (negative active material), react with the sulphuric acid (electrolyte) to form lead sulphate and water. During charge, this process is reversed.

In conventional lead-acid batteries, towards the end of charging, oxygen get evolved at the positive electrode and hydrogen at the negative electrode. These gases bubble out through the free electrolyte media and escape into the atmosphere, thereby causing loss of water in the battery. Hence, periodic topping up of these batteries with DM water becomes a must.

In BRUTE™ MF-VRLA Batteries, the oxygen gas generated at the positive plate is transported in the gaseous phase through the absorbent micro-porous glass matrix (AGM) separator to the surface of the negative plate. The oxygen gas thus transported gets reduced by reacting with the charges active material – spongy lead, of the negative plate, thereby effectively suppressing the evolution of hydrogen gas. Consequently, BRUTE’V MF-VRLA Batteries do not lose any water under normal operation and therefore, no topping up is required. This phenomenon is called Oxygen Recombination Principle.

All BRUTE™ MF-VRLA cells are provided with a self-resealing safety valve that releases excess gas into the atmosphere under abnormal charging conditions. Hence, these batteries are called Maintenance-Free


Brute”” does not require topping up of DM water and electrolyte check, thereby eliminating maintenance checks and possibility of errors. Also, surface contamination by escaping electrolyte is eliminated.

  • Brute” is conductive to opportunity charging as prior discharging is not required, and it can be charged for as little as 15 minutes.
  • No electrolyte stratification occurs since the total electrolyte is absorbed by its micro porous absorbent glass matrix (AGM) separator.
  • More output is possible because of high OCV band.
  • Brute™ design ensures that short circuiting within the cell due to slugging is eliminated
  • Brute™ allows partial state of charge operation
  • Brute™ is spill-proof and leak-proof and can also be stacked horizontally
  • Brute™ is safe and explosion-proof
  • Brute™ is charged and ready-to-use on purchase. Hence no initial charging at site
  • Brute™ has low self discharge ( less than 1% per week) and con be stored for up to 6 months
  • Brute™ has been specially designed for Indian operating conditions and can operate between – 40°C to + 55 C band
  • Brute™ is compatible with the latest generation of charges

Euro Power Tech presents Amco Nicked batteries which are available in translucent polypropylene cases as well as in stainless steel cases. These batteries are also available in flame & fire retardant cell cases on request. Amco Nicked Batteries are well known for following attributes

High Rate Performance

KPH Range 8 Ah — 990 Ah The H range uses very thin plates and is designed for applications where there is a demand for a relatively high current over short periods, usually less than 30 minutes of duration. The applications can have frequent or infrequent discharges. The range is typically used in starting and UPS applications.

Medium Rate Performance

KPM Range 10 Ah — 1365 Ah The M range is designed for applications where the batteries are usually required to sustain electrical loads between 30 minutes to 3 hours or for ‘mixed’ loads which involve a combination of high and low discharge rates. The applications can have frequent or infrequent discharges. The range is typically used in switchgear applications.

Long Rate Performance

KPL Range 11 Ah — 1550 Ah The L range has the thickest plates and is designed for applications where the battery is required to provide a reliable source of energy over relatively long discharge periods. Normally, the current is relatively low in comparison to the total stored energy and the discharges are generally infrequent. Typical uses are communication and bulk energy storage.

Ultra-Low Maintenance Nicked Batteries

Long rate & Medium rate performance batteries are also available in valve-regulated construction. These products are designed for remote application and can operate without topping up for more than three years.

Cells are available in capacity range 9 Ah to 750 Ah.

Sintered / Plastic bonded batteries Sintered plastic bonded electrode (S/PBE) battery is a premier product of Saft designed for very high cycle life & low maintenance. AMCO Saft India Ltd offers Ultra High rate performance cells (SRX) & Medium rate performance cells (SRM). In capacity range of 20 Ah to 440 Ah. These products are most suited for Railways & starting applications.

Euro Power Tech offers Southern Hi-power Tubular Batteries which allow you to work without power failure or interruption. These batteries use special pluri tubular bags for positive tubular plate for long service under deep cycle usage. Following are the application where these batteries can be used.


  • UPS
  • Inverters
  • EPABX & Computer Backup
  • Windmill
  • Telecom
  • Solar

These are the features which make the battery first rated among other –

  • 6 & 12 Volt Mono Block
  • High Energy Density
  • Low maintenance Topping Up Once in Six months
  • Provided With Transparent Sealed Float Indicator