Electronic Rickshaw


Euro Power Tech Authorised Dealer and Distributor of Amaron Electronic Rickshaw (Battery Rickshaw) batteries in Guragaon. Electronic Rickshaw batteries are designed to provide reliable power for Electronic Rickshaw. These batteries need to withstand harsh environmental conditions and the high power demands. When selecting Electronic Rickshaw batteries, consider capacity of factors, compatibility with your specific equipment, and the ability to withstand rugged operating conditions.


  • Robusta™ Spine grid is made up of high pressure die casting using robust antimony alloy for deep cycling application.
  • Satiated wet paste™ used in the battery is a highly dense & Homogenous active material that delivers consistent power & Long life
  • Cell Bridge Construction technology creates a bridge in the container for active material settling to avoid internal shorts due to shedding.
  • AMARON Current EV has ACS Activation Process – which is an advanced formation process that uses acid circulation technique for uniform conversion and narrow voltage variation in a string of batteries.
  • CIB™ – Class of the Best venting technique is designed with a drain-back system to minimise acid spewing and to meet safety standards against ICAT requirements.

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Ultra Low Maintenance

Long Life

Consistent Power


High Corrosion Resistance

Improved Safety